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Mortgage Leads generates all rate quote requests from:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Search Engines
  • Banner Ads
  • Print Media
  • Fixed Integration
  • CPC Search Campaigns
  • Contextual Marketing
  • Relationship Marketing

Qualified and motivated prospects complete a rate quote request and they are then filtered by your specific criteria and internally verified for accuracy. Prospective borrowers are then delivered from our database to you within minutes of a borrower completing one of our mortgage quote request forms online.

Lead Options

  1. You can tell us your lending parameters and our proprietary system automatically delivers your desired volume of leads daily in real time via email.
  2. You can select to have your leads live XML posted to your lead CRM system. is a preferred lead partner with Lead Mailbox, Leads360, Sales Force, Leadtrack, Kaleidico and several others or we can customize your lead distribution to acclimate with your own customer lead management software.

Basic Lead Criteria
Select the credit rating of the borrowers from:

  • Excellent    [720-850]
  • Good         [660-719]
  • Fair           [620-659]
  • Poor          [below 620]
  • Select your states and the type of loan that you specialize in such as:
  • Purchase
  • Refinance
  • Debt Consolidation
  • Home Improvement or Seconds
  • Home Equity Line of Credit
  • FHA
  • VA
  • Reverse
  • Commercial
Additional Criteria
You can also select additional filters to target the type of borrower you want to do business with such as:


  • Requested Loan Amount
  • LTV
  • Target Geography
  • Property Type
  • Minimum Interest Rate
  • Credit Type
Note: There is an additional fee applied for each additional filter please contact a Lead Specialist to tailor a campaign that will meet your exact needs and budget.

The benefits from choosing for your mortgage leads are:


  • Start receiving leads TODAY with as little as $500 - You don't have to spend thousands of dollars for mail campaigns, or have a minimum order of 100 leads to try them out. (This is an incredible benefit for individual loan officers that are "doing their own marketing")
  • Receive as many leads you want each day.
  • Results within hours, not weeks or months like conventional advertising.
  • Only talk to Borrowers that have requested a mortgage TODAY.
  • Save THOUSANDS of dollars on marketing and advertising costs that often give you fair to poor results.
  • Increase closing ratios dramatically.
  • CLOSE more loans than through conventional advertising.
  • Unbelievably high return on your investment
  • You can "get more specific" by selecting additional Filters to receive only leads that you really want - 100K + and 80% LTV etc. has the highest closing ratio in the industry!
This is no accident, we have a formula for success and it shows in our clients results. We don’t oversell leads, all leads are customer initiated and we don’t use any gimmicks or spam so you only talk to qualified and motivated borrowers looking for a rate quote. Because of the way we generate the lead from the start you get a better contact ratio and lead to application ratio. If you get a “bad lead” no problem – you don’t ever have to pay for a bad lead again!!!

Returning Leads
Returning leads couldn't be easier. Simply email the lead to with a brief explanation of why the lead wasn’t qualified (select from one of the valid lead return options).
Our Quality Control center will review each request and if the lead can’t be fixed we will replace it with a fresh qualified lead. You never have to pay for a “bad lead” again! If you have any questions about our lead return policy please contact a Lead Specialist or review our Terms of Service and Frequently Asked Questions.