11 Practical Lead Generation Strategies & Ideas for Mortgage Brokers

Mortgage lead generation, or generating leads or interest from people searching for a mortgage, is something that mortgage professionals, or ‘loan officers,’ must accomplish. This is evident to all mortgage brokers, but it is challenging to master because it is a fiercely competitive industry. As a result, mortgage lead generation is the lifeblood of your company and the key to its long-term success. Clinging to old techniques of generating leads means missing out on possibilities to create more leads than those who have mastered modern approaches, most notably digital marketing. Now, what you have to do is advance towards modern methods to get notably fast leads. This isn’t to say you should abandon cold calling, direct mail, partnership-building efforts, and other traditional marketing methods. Instead, to be discovered by younger generations who live online, you should learn how to supplement your mortgage lead generation programs with strategies that bring potential customers to you rather than the other way around. We’ll look at strategies and ideas for generating online and offline mortgage broker leads in this particular article.

What are Mortgage Leads, and How Do I Get Them?

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What is the Fastest Way to Generate Mortgage Leads?

1. The Importance of Content in Generating Mortgage Leads

When you create yourself as an authority in the mortgage industry, your website becomes a good lead generator.

  • The first step is to increase traffic to your website.
  • The second step would be to earn the trust of your first-time visitors.
  • The third and last thing you can do is develop offerings that will entice customers to give you their contact information.

All three of these steps require excellent content.

The first and most apparent frontier to tackle is writeups, which you’ll most likely do via a blog post. Answers to frequently asked questions regarding the mortgage sector, trends, and the local market should be made public.

Many of your prospects are likely to choose the information that is quicker and easier to absorb. Therefore, invest some work into creating:

  • Video
  • Images
  • Newsletters
  • Infographics
  • Checklists
  • Profiles of customers

From the Matt Cotton & Associates website, here’s an example of a neat e-newsletter template.

2. The Niches Keep the Riches

Regardless of how corny the headline is, it holds in highly competitive businesses. Do you have a particular area of expertise? If that’s the case, put it on display. If you don’t have one, consider devoting time and effort to creating one. Perhaps:

  • Your competitors are more informational, educational, or even entertaining than you.
  • You are an expert in a particular loan program.
  • You can tell credible stories about niches in your industry.
  • You concentrate on a specific type of property or borrower.

3. Participate in Social Media

Your content is your passport to contributing meaningfully to online dialogues, often known as social media. Regularly and creatively share your content. Take into account the following:

  • Create a Facebook community of followers.
  • Offer guidance with connections to your content on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Upload short videos to YouTube and distribute them on other social media platforms.
  • Share your visual stuff on Instagram and Pinterest if you have it.
  • On LinkedIn, form connections that could lead to new business opportunities.
  • Create Facebook and LinkedIn groups.
  • Create a LinkedIn group of followers if you specialize in commercial financing.
  • At closings, take pictures of your clients.
Lead Generation Strategies

With its Facebook posts, this mortgage business cleverly highlights ‘the customer closing.’ (Photo courtesy of Luminary Agent)

4. Investigate Possible Local Listings

Ensure your business is on the list of proper local directories and that your profiles are correct and up to date.

Create a Google My Business account for free. This should include the following:

  • Assist your company’s visibility in local search results.
  • Google Maps will display your business listing.
  • Allow you to collect reviews that can help you get a reputation.
Lead Generation Strategies

If you conduct a Google My Business and Google Maps search for “refinancing home loan San Jose, CA,” you’re likely to find one of the companies included in this Google My Business and Google Maps display.

5. Pay Attention to Feedback

As we mentioned earlier that reviews are essential. They serve as gold for your business. Positive evaluations aid in the battle for search engine attention and legitimacy on review-centric platforms like Yelp.

Consider your purchasing habit: you indeed rely on reviews to help you decide on everything from what to buy, eat, watch, drive, wear, listen to, and read to where to travel and shop.

Request that your satisfied customers post a review after a successful closing. Make it a little more simple for them by emailing them the link. Also, try expressing gratitude in some way – with a note, a present.

GoPrime Mortgage

On various areas of its website, GoPrime Mortgage displays the reviews it has collected.

6. Advertisement

Promote your loan services on the internet using applications like:

  • PPC (pay-per-click) on search engines
  • Sponsored posts/advertising on social media
  • On discovery platforms, native advertising is available.

Take a look at how AIG used the discovery to pique interest in their mortgage insurance product.

mortgage insurance product
  • Banner advertisements on relevant websites
  • Web classifieds
  • Target ads
  • Zillow advertising

Advertise offline by using the following methods:

  • Local print publications
  • Newspapers
  • Outdoor

7. Get Your Work Published or Advertised

Try writing an article and submit it to real estate magazines in your surrounding. You might also use online publications (both local and national) to pursue this effective lead creation strategy.

8. Distribute Mailers & Flyers

Make flyers and mailers to showcase your best loan products, as well as possible lending rates.

As you may know, forming relationships with local real estate brokers and builders is likely the most effective strategy to obtain mortgage leads.

Here are some pointers for working with real estate agents:

  • Look for realtors who have many listings in local real estate periodicals and on local realtor websites.
  • Introduce yourself and make the first contact with real estate offices. Inquire about how you may assist them in meeting their needs and expanding their business.
  • To create a relationship with realtors, visit open houses. Permission to leave business cards and should seek brochures first.

Regardless of how effective relationships with real estate brokers are, most realtors and builders are likely to have favored loan partners. As a result, it’s critical to vary your referral sources, which could include:

  • Attorneys for divorce
  • Estate Planners and CPAs
  • Financial planners and life insurance agents
  • Credit unions or banks in your community (that don’t offer mortgage services)

Here are eight suggestions for boosting mortgage referrals.

9. Create a Network

It is also beneficial to network in the community and form relationships with realtors and other professionals in your area.

  • Attend trade exhibits and events and put up a booth.
  • Join a PTA, a charity, or a cause in your community. Participate in committees and volunteer.
  • Make use of your private network. Make a list of all the people you know and send them a letter explaining your services.
Freedom Mortgage

Freedom Mortgage supports the USO and its local branch by making donations and raising awareness through social media. (Photo courtesy of Luminary Agent)

10. Leads for Purchase

By purchasing a new home mortgage and refinancing leads, you can reach qualified individuals when they are actively looking for a loan. These are some ideas for obtaining mortgage leads from Jay Conners, an experienced business development officer at Global Data Mining:

  • Find out where the company receives its leads and keep an eye out for companies that recycle or resell them. Non-exclusive leads sell three to five times more than exclusive leads. Exclusive leads will come with a premium price tag.
  • Consider your budget – If money is scarce, limit your search to lead companies that accept a smaller minimum.
  • Look for a refund policy – Working with a list provider with a generous return policy is your best bet. Look for evaluations of the service to learn more about what you’re getting into.
  • View the leads before you buy – Reputable companies may allow you to view leads before you buy. Some provide filters that will enable you to qualify the leads you’re looking for.
  • Consider customer service – Pay attention to how the organization handles phone calls.

11. Look for Listings in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).

According to RatePlug, a significant mortgage marketing platform, 88 percent of buyers search online for and examine property listings. Use real estate databases from the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) to find potential leads and contact the sellers with information about your loan services.

Learn how one agency used Taboola to boost leads for HomeEquity Bank Canada.

Lead Generation Strategies

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