How many times are your leads sold?2024-02-05T21:27:03+00:00

By default, all of our leads are sold exclusively, i.e. once! If you are open to working with shared leads, we will discount the price and cap our distribution at 4.

What type of leads can I buy?2024-02-05T21:26:35+00:00

We currently offer First Mortgage, Mortgage Refinance, Home Insurance and Renters Insurance leads. We’ll be adding others soon.

Do you credit bad leads?2024-02-05T21:26:09+00:00

The short answer is yes. Astoria Company will do all we can to deliver the highest quality leads available anywhere in the marketplace. Astoria Company will do everything we can to help you become as successful as possible, including working with you to resolve any issues or concerns. For more information about our return policy please read our Terms of Service

My carrier screens leads – What do you do?2024-02-05T21:25:38+00:00

The majority of leads generated in recent years have been of questionable quality. Our focus is to only find those consumers actively seeking your services online in order to increase your ability to speak with a genuine prospect. As a result, additional filtering is not typically necessary. However, for a small additional fee, we can implement lead scoring on all of your leads to ensure you only receive leads that pass third party verification.

Why would I try your lead program?2024-02-05T21:25:13+00:00

Astoria Company’s proprietary lead exchange has been generating and selling leads for over five years. We launched MortgageLeads.com to facilitate selling leads directly to the end-user. By default, all of our leads are sold exclusively, although savings can be made if you indicate you are willing to work with shared leads (you’ll split the cost with other agents). Although we recommend you stick to exclusive leads to minimize competition and increase your conversion success!

How quickly can I get started?2024-02-05T21:24:45+00:00

You can set up an account today.Simply visit the Signup section of our site.

How fresh are your leads?2024-02-05T21:24:20+00:00

All leads are delivered in real time to enable you to quote the consumer immediately, while they are still actively shopping.

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