Terms of Service

Astoria Company Return, Cancellation & Other Policies Lead Buyer (hereinafter referred to as “Buyer”) will prepay Astoria Company (hereinafter referred to as “Astoria Company”) for leads. Astoria Company will provide leads up to the balance of available funds that Buyer has deposited with Astoria Company. Once the balance has been depleted, Astoria Company will provide no additional leads until such time as Lead Buyer provides additional prepayment.

Guarantee of Leads

All leads are guaranteed per the definition below:

1. Working phone number to the person named on the lead or to a representative, parent, or guardian for the person named on the lead.

2. Lead has requested information and/or quote.

3. At time of lead delivery, the lead is within the current filter set selected by Buyer.

Lead Return

Leads may only be returned for credit (not a refund) by Buyer in the manner and according to the following conditions:

· Leads must be returned within seven (7) calendar days from the date the lead was posted to the Buyer account.

· Returned Leads can take up to ten (10) days to process before they are approved or declined.

· Leads must be returned via the return lead area within the Buyer account at http://login.mortgageleads.com or by email with lead detail and reason for returning the lead sent to returns@mortgageleads.com

Leads are returnable to Astoria Company for full credit if any of the following applies:

· All of the telephone numbers listed on the lead are not valid or working numbers.

· Lead has not requested insurance information and/or quote.

· At time of lead delivery, the lead does not fall within the current filter set approved by client.

· Lead claimed no major medical conditions on the online form but reveals to agent that they have a major medical condition.

Invalid Lead Return Reasons:

· A representative, parent, or guardian for the proposed insured is looking for insurance for the named person on the lead.

· For Exclusive Lead Buyers: Lead claims they were called by other agents, therefore the lead is not considered exclusive by the Buyer;

· Astoria Company guarantees that Exclusive Leads delivered from Astoria Company are only delivered to one (1) of Astoria Company’s Buyers. Further we guarantee that Shared Leads are delivered to a maximum of four (4) of Astoria Company’s Buyers. Consumers may visit other sites not owned by Astoria Company either before or after they submitted their information on one of Astoria Company’s sites. Astoria Company guarantee our Exclusive Leads are not shared with any other Astoria Company Buyer.

· While we guarantee leads to have a working phone number, we cannot guarantee that the prospect will take Buyers calls, or return them, or that they will have a voicemail system. The responsibility is on the Buyer to diligently call the consumer as soon as possible after lead purchase and to continuously follow up.

· Lead does not return email(s) sent from Buyer, or the lead email address is invalid.

· Buyer fails to “deactivate or pause” their account when requesting a filter set change causing a lead to be delivered to their account under the old filter settings.

Lead Delivery

It is understood and agreed that the main delivery method of purchased leads to Buyer is via the Agent Lead exchange Management Interface provided at https://login.mortgageleads.com. The Buyers back office account lists all leads purchased through the exchange  and is considered the official record of leads delivered

As a courtesy, Astoria Company also delivers notification of leads generated to a Buyers back office account via email and, optionally, text message. Buyer agrees to white list the mortgageleads.com domain for emails.

However, due to various non-delivery issues that are inherent to email and text messaging that are outside of Astoria Company control, Astoria Company cannot guarantee 100% lead delivery notification via email and/or text message.

Therefore, no lead credit or refund will be allowed for any lead return based on the Buyer not receiving notification of a lead generated via email and/or text message.

Cancellation Policy

At any time, Buyer may request to close their account and receive a refund equal to the remaining balance within their account of any monies they themselves deposited. However if the account is cancelled within 30 days of the account first being activated, the Buyer agrees that a $50.00 administrative fee will be deducted from the refund amount.

Cancellation Process

To submit a cancellation request, please submit your cancellation request by email, send to cancel@mortgageleads.com

Please note: An account balance refund due to account cancellation may take from 7 to 10 business days to process.

Our Promise

Astoria Company will do all we can to deliver the highest quality leads available anywhere in the marketplace.Astoria Company will do everything we can to help you become as successful as possible, including working with you to resolve any issues or concerns.

Right To Cancel

Astoria Company reserves the right to cancel any account shown to abuse the return policy. In this event, account balance will be issued to client and account will be closed.

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