5 Hacks to Grow Your Business Using Your Network

An insurance agent with a great network is an agent that is ready for success. Advice from those in your business network really helps boost your income levels. So being part of a networking group will help you grab referrals and keep you close to professionals in various businesses. Moreover, being part of a vibrant network helps you gain the information and knowledge needed to boost your business. Then, the expert advice you get from being part of a networking group as an agent can help connect you to potential clients.

However, seeking help might not be as easy as it sounds. It is advisable to follow the below-listed suggestions to help you get the right information for your business.

5 Tips to Build Your Network for Mortgage Agents

Give something back

It is not uncommon to meet people that are always requesting favors without offering anything back in return, don’t be this way. It is great to build some connection and level of trust with people in your network before you make demands from them. When you ask for help before offering anything, it might come off as feeling entitled, and this can make people avoid you. View networking like bank savings; you must have some money in your account before making any withdraws. Provide value to people first; then, you can get value back. 

Seek expert advice

Imagine asking a doctor in your network about real estate issues; this can feel confusing for you and the doctor. Always seek those who have expert knowledge in a particular field before throwing in your questions. Asking someone with no prior information about a particular sector can make them feel uncomfortable; you wouldn’t like that. 

Avoid ulterior motives

People hate getting tricked, so always avoid the temptation of playing smart. If people find out that you have sneaky intentions, they will cut you off. You might end up losing both the networking group and any chance to land prospects from the connection you severed. Always be upright and honest in your dealings with people. This will help reassure their confidence in you and even open the door for more meaningful connections for your business.

Avoid sensitive issues

When you join a group, sometimes in an attempt to build bonds, you might end up oversharing and overstepping the lines. This mistake can cause more harm than good. It is not advisable to talk about a member’s divorce or tragic accident in public, all with the hopes of making conversation. Avoid any topic that can cause any form of the trigger to people. Remember to always apply emotional intelligence to things and situations. You join a networking group for the good of your business and not to compare personal notes. Stick to your goals. 

Don’t ask for free advice

Yes, asking for advice that can help boost your business is cool but don’t seek free consultation at meetings. People will love to help, but no one wants to offer advice that people pay them for in their area of expertise for free. So when asking a question, don’t push too hard. If you get good quick advice from a member, feel free to ask for a consultation fee, you might end up with a discount. 

Owning an excellent personal network will help expand your business beyond reach. Imagine having a long list of people that can help you in your business? Just amazing. No man is an island, so always endeavor to build meaningful connections to help you succeed in your business. Try a personal audit and check if you have people that can support you today.

About the Author: muhammad