5 Proven Ways to Generate Mortgage Leads For Agents

The mortgage business is usually competitive, so for a broker to succeed, they must generate quality leads to help boost the business. There are more than enough ways to generate mortgage leads, for example, online marketing. However, this doesn’t mean you stop cold calling, direct email, and other old-fashioned marketing types. To attract younger customers’ attention in recent times, you must learn how to use the internet because most young people are usually online nowadays.

Below we will discuss ways to generate quality leads for mortgage agents. 

Mortgage leads 

First, many individuals are curious about taking a mortgage. But for every mortgage professional to succeed, you must get constant quality mortgage leads. This helps elevate your business into a successful mortgage business.

How to Generate Mortgage Leads

1. Content is King

Establishing yourself as an authority in the industry makes your websites an automatic mortgage lead generator. Focus on driving traffic to your sites, then building trust with visitors to your sites. Lastly, provide these visitors with offers they cannot resist; this will enable you to get their contact information. 

Start with written content; you can create a blog for your website. You can answer frequently asked questions in the mortgage industry; these questions can be related to local markets or popular trends. 

Most users move to content that is interesting and easy to consume, so always provide great content on your website.

You can consider adding these on your website:


  • Videos 
  • Images
  • Infographics
  • Newsletter 
  • Customer profiles 

2. Niche Down

This might sound like a cliché, but it is important to be an expert in one field. It is easy for people to trust you and buy into whatever you are selling when you have authority in a particular field. So find one specialty you are interested in and dedicate your time and effort to becoming an expert in it.

When you niche down, you can:

  • Research more information and education when compared to your competitors.
  • Become an expert in a specific loan program.
  • Focus on a particular type of real estate or borrower.
  • Have credible testimonials about your niche in your line of work.

3. Be Social 

Creating a mark online will help you stay relevant. Distribute your content on the internet, especially social media, use creativity, and share your content to boost interaction among your audience. You can start with this: 

  • Create shorts videos on YouTube and share them on other social media platforms. 
  • Offer valuable content on Facebook and Twitter and attach links to your website on them. 
  • Build a loyal community on Facebook.
  • Post reviews and pictures of clients when closing deals.
  • Encourage relationship with potential partners on LinkedIn.

4. Local Listing 

Ensure that your business is listed on relevant local directories. Keep this information updated and check for accuracy.

Create a free Google My Business account to help with: 

  • Making your business show up in local search results.
  • Show your business on Google Maps.
  • Build credibility with customer reviews.

6. Check Reviews 

Reviews are great, positive reviews give your business a huge push. Many buyers check for reviews online before doing business with a company. Checking reviews on what you read, what to wear, where to shop, and places to travel are common human habits. 

Ask satisfied customers to write a good review for you. You can send them a link and make the process easier for them. Always thank them for leaving a positive review for your business. You can always send them a gift or give them a bonus as a “thank you.”

Struggling with quality leads for mortgage agents is usually common. However, generating mortgage leads can be done from your website if you follow the above-mentioned points. Remember that for your business to succeed; you need constant leads. So always put in the effort to find these leads. 

About the Author: Liza Schubert

As the Director of Pay Per Call Marketing, Liza is responsible for strategy and executing marketing partnerships for Astoria and promoting call campaigns and initiatives. Liza prospects and secures Pay Per Call relationships that align and further promotes Astorias offers for their clients and affiliates. In addition, she is fluent in campaign set up integrations on Invoca, Ringba, Retreaver and Trackdrive. Liza has a bachelors degree from American University in Washington DC, in Public Communications, focusing her skill set in writing, public relations, proofreading and research.