7 Factors to Examine When Buying Mortgage Leads

Every insurance agent needs quality mortgage leads for their business. However, the factors that determine what allows you to buy quality leads will need your discretion. Sometimes finding a good lead company and buying mortgage leads might be difficult, with so much information online it is easy to feel overwhelmed doing your research. Every lead generation company thinks they offer the best products and services.

But you must know the type of mortgage leads you want to acquire. Determine if you want to purchase mortgage leads from the same states or various states, check your budget, and how much you can afford.

Also, check the company’s terms and conditions for refund policies. Do your research and look for reviews on the internet.

Below Are Some Factors to Check Before Buying Mortgage Leads


It is always best to start with your budget before buying mortgage leads. If you have about $200 to spend, you must check for companies that sell $200 or less. Always work with a spending limit so that you do not go above your budget and this will help you save a lot of money. However, due to some company’s policy, you might not be allowed to deposit less than a specific amount.

Lead Generation 

Ensure you are not buying recycled mortgage leads, some companies resell their mortgage leads so many times, it loses value. These companies also buy their leads from other companies so it is great to ask essential questions when doing your research. MortgageLeads.com is a trusted and reliable source for fresh leads. 

The Return Policy 

It is advisable to partner with a company that has a good return policy. Check for online reviews, any lead that comes with phony information should be returned. 

Check For Quantity Versus Quality

Buying mortgage leads in bulk is great but sometimes leads that are sold in bulk have been recycled so many times. What happens is that these leads have very low closing rates. 

Filters & Cherry-Picking

When shopping for mortgage leads, you can use the filter option to select leads for a particular state or region. When these leads are not available, you can drop your contact info and get them directly in your email once they are available. 

Some lead generation companies allow you to preview leads before you purchase them. Some sites also add the extra feature of finding out how many times a lead has been sold in the past.

Customer Service 

When you do business with a company, customer service helps shape your experience with that particular brand. Always check for companies with exceptional customer care services, as this explains a lot about how they run their business. If it is difficult to get in touch with a customer service agent, you might as well invest your money somewhere else. MortgageLeads has a reputation for good customer service. 

Exclusive vs Non-Exclusive

Usually, exclusive leads are expensive when compared to non-exclusive leads. The good news is that exclusive leads are sold to you alone, therefore, eliminating the competition. 

Non-exclusive leads are sold about 3 to 5 times but they are cheaper than exclusive leads. When you buy non-exclusive leads, beware that you are competing with other agents.

It is crucial to dig deep and do your research before committing to a particular company for buying mortgage leads. The above-mentioned factors are ways to choose the best leads for your business. 

Always check their reviews online because customer experience speaks volumes. Choose MortgageLeads.com today and save yourself the hassle of looking for quality leads on your own. 

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