8 Mortgage Lead Marketing Ideas You Are Ignoring in Business

The mortgage market can increase your cash flow or decrease it based on how you decide to ride with the economic tide. Therefore you must improve your mortgage lead marketing strategy to avoid being swallowed by any economic tide. An effective marketing plan will ensure that the volatility of the market doesn’t affect your business. Below are eight mortgage lead marketing ideas you might be ignored; this is the time to add them to your current campaign and increase your sales. 

Use email signatures

This may not sound like an epic mortgage lead marketing idea, but it works. Personalization is often an overlooked tip in the marketing industry, but it does a considerable good to your business. Add an email signature that shows potential leads what you have to offer; prospects can quickly grasp what benefit they gain from working with you whenever you send an email. Also, when you send emails to family members, church members, teammates, or other informal acquaintances, you are marketing your mortgage business without being intrusive. 

Create a complete offer list

Create a sheet highlighting all you offer to clients and send it out to them once a year or quarterly. You’ll notice that sometimes a client needs a particular service, but they might not be sure that you offer that service. Also, people enjoy window shopping, so it is okay for a client to sit at the comfort of their home and check if they need a refinance loan, a new home, or some home equity loan. This mortgage lead marketing idea can be embedded in your newsletters. 

Revive your website

Owning a website is excellent, but a website that has valuable content is what attracts people. Ensure that your website is updated and packed with information that helps people understand how a mortgage works. Many people will Google their problems first to find a solution to them, so having a website that answers questions for most people is a way to generate mortgage leads.  

Inform Financial Advisers

Many financial advisers help their clients build and maintain their portfolios. They have experience with this field, and they are smart with personal finances. They are professionals who are great at investment and savings. Although they know insurance to help protect people’s finances, some of them lack information on mortgages. When you partner with financial investors and teach them about mortgages, they can help their clients save money on assets and ensure they are not overspending on unnecessary interest rates. Nevertheless, this is a gold mine for referrals to come your way. 

Offer Home tips

Educating your clients by blogging is a great mortgage lead marketing idea. You add value to their lives and stay in touch by providing information on maintaining homes without spending a lot of cash. Since your client list is full of homeowners, you might also give content on roofing management, lawn maintenance, lint prevention on dryers, washing machine maintenance, and many more house appliances people are more likely to use. 

Use your car 

Since you move around with your car a lot, you can try using it as a mini advertising billboard. Wrap your car with a poster that advertises your business depending on how you want it to look. This will serve as a mobile advert because you show people what you do for business as you move around. 

Sponsor events

When you sponsor events, you have the chance to introduce your business to others in an informal setting. You can also attend local events in your neighborhood and get your business in front of other people. When you sponsor events, you can have your logo attached to the posters and handbills; this way, people can interact with your company.

Generate referrals from clients 

This method might shy away from mortgage lead marketing but teaching your clients how to send new prospects your way is a hack that works well for many agents. Kindly remind your clients to refer new leads your way and even add a bonus for them to help serve as an incentive for them. If you are qualified and do a great job with them, asking for a referral will be more than welcomed. 

The information on the internet might seem overwhelming for the average mortgage agent, but you must try marketing strategies that work. Some hacks to try include; adding an email signature, creating an offer list, revising your website, teaching financial advisers, offering useful tips, wrapping your car, sponsoring events, and generating leads from referrals. Find out mistakes to avoid here

About the Author: Scott Thompson

Scott Thompson is an authoritative industry veteran, CEO and Founder of Astoria Company. With his extensive experience spanning decades in the online advertising industry, he is the driving force behind Astoria Company. Under his leadership, Astoria Company has emerged as a distinguished technology advertising firm specializing in domain development, lead generation, and pay-per-call marketing. Thompson is widely regarded as a technology marketing expert and domain investor, with a portfolio comprising over 570 domains.