5 Types of Apps Helping Mortgage Agents Prioritize Their Leads

Most agents are swamped with work in their daily routine, so keeping their mortgage leads a priority can be difficult. Keeping track of leads to follow up, those that need documentation, meeting schedules, and more can make your work as an agent even tedious. This can make an agent feel disorganized outside his field and too busy to handle important issues in the office. What’s the best way to manage this pile of work? Nowadays, with the massive adoption of technology, there’s almost an app for everything you need. Productivity apps help you manage your time straight from your mobile phone. Below are some apps helping mortgage agents prioritize their leads. 

5 Easy Apps to Help Mortgage Agents Prioritize Their Leads

Email apps

Many people check their emails first thing in the morning whenever they wake from bed. However, you can get work emails at any point in the day. If you can reach out to a client and reply to them outside work hours, your client will grow to trust you. 

Gmail is a free and easy app to use both on android and IOS devices. This app is popular among millions of people, and it can help mortgage agents prioritize their leads. You receive instant notifications, and this app syncs easily with other Google apps. 

Outlook is another app you should try out. It’s a product of Microsoft Outlook and is available on both android and IOS devices for free. You can set up calendar invites with this app and manage your schedule in a minute. 

Calendar scheduling apps

A good mortgage agent understands how to manage his time effectively, and a bulk of that depends on his calendar schedule. You can look into apps like Sunrise for free and Fantastical 2, which is paid and available on IOS. These apps interact smoothly with other apps on your phone, especially appointments on your Google Calendar, Microsoft Exchange, or iCloud. 

These calendar apps can serve as a mini personal assistant reminding you of leads you must reach out to and what to say to them. So learn to book your schedule using these apps and serve your clients better. 

To-do apps

Busy mortgage agents always have a list of things to do and items to check on. Many referrals, lead follow-ups, paperwork, billing, and more work responsibilities need to be sorted to function well at work. A handy to-do list can help mortgage agents prioritize their leads. You can tick completed items and highlight urgent and time-sensitive items, all from a swipe or push of a button. 

Personal assistant apps 

Sometimes to help mortgage agents prioritize their leads, they need a virtual personal assistant, but when you’re working with a budget, you’ll prefer an assistant that wouldn’t charge much. Mobile apps can act as a great replacement for the meantime. Apps like Humin and Workflow on IOS help you locate contact easily on your phone using the past details of that particular person. It could be their location, last meeting point, or feature. 

You can speed up your workload with these apps by automating activities you do quite often. For instance, if you always order food after a meeting or convert a presentation to PDF, these apps can help with the process and save you a lot of time. 

File management apps

Imagine the workload you have to do as a mortgage agent; lots of paperwork, presentation, and documentation for your leads. You can’t afford to miss anything or forget a document. You must take advantage of file management apps to help you stay organized with naming and more. 

Google drive is popular and free on both android and IOS devices. You have the liberty to access, edit and share files easily. These files can be in a pdf format, a word document, or a spreadsheet; you can still use them on Google drive. The google thing is the collaborative feature of the app; this allows for different teammates to work on the same document remotely. You can also access this app on web browsers. 

Dropbox helps connect you to files in the cloud. If you need a virtual folder for your documents, then you can take advantage of this. You can add files from your mobile device or office computer, and these files can be accessed from the comfort of your mobile phone. What’s a better way for mortgage agents to prioritize their leads than a simple time and work management process?

As a mortgage agent, a trick to staying effective at work is time management, and you need good virtual assistance or some great apps to help you. Some ways to help mortgage agents prioritize their leads include; making use of email apps, calendar scheduling apps, to-do list apps, personal assistant, and file management apps. If you’re wondering how to stay great at your job and still manage clients efficiently, read more tips here

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