Guide to Mortgage Refinance Leads

Due to the pandemic, the rates have gone a lot lower in the current year. According to sources, mortgage refinancing has gone up by 89%, with the rates flickering to the historical low. Therefore, the demand for refinancing loans is high, and it’s an ideal opportunity for salesmen. It’s a great time for loan officers who are looking to connect with buyers selling aged leads. You can purchase these aged leads and begin your selling process by contacting the refinance prospects.

Mortgage Refinance Leads

Many websites like the lending tree, TransUnion, and Mortgage Leads generate refinance leads. All these leads are prospective buyers who want to get more information about the refinancing process. These leads vary by loan type, including conventional, FA, home purchase, and reverse mortgage.

The live leads are available for 24-48 hours. If they’re still not purchased within this time, then these leads become aged leads and are no longer fresh. Since they are old, they can be sold at a discount.

Why Should You Purchase Mortgage Refinance Leads?

Since the leads are old, they are cheap, and when you buy in bulk, you can get a huge discount. Also, it’s a very reasonable way to start generating leads for a business. Many companies use conventional ways of generating leads, including marketing campaigns, cold-callings, and direct marketing. All of this sounds exciting, but they are very time-consuming.

It’s better to purchase validated leads because they are cheap and would also work. Since these leads have a low cost, they will generally have a good ROI. Besides, you can quickly purchase these leads, and they’ll be on your device almost instantly. Therefore, why should you wait to witness campaign results when you can buy leads quickly?

Where Can You Buy Mortgage Refinance Leads?

Mortgage Leads is a very amazing place to start with. It’s one of the oldest lead generation websites, and it has various filters, including lead type, lead age, area code, credit type, loan amount, etc. All of these filters can help you find your perfect leads in seconds. Mortgage leads can find you millions of validated leads, which keeps on increasing.

Once you select the filters, you can get the results instantly. You’ll get all the leads in a secure file format with all the necessary info of the leads, including name, phone number, and quote info.

What Types of Leads Are Available to Buy?

Mortgage refinance leads have several categories, and they are sold according to their age. The three main types are as follows:

  • 30 to 85 days old
  • 86 to 365 days old
  • 366 to 2000 days old

Once you apply your relevant filters, your leads will download in a quick span of time. Normally, you can purchase leads anywhere from 1-249 for individual salespersons and 25000+ for business agencies with a team and a system to approach these prospects.

How Much Do They Cost?

Generally, an exclusive lead can cost you up to $20-$30, while you can get aged leads under $10. The general cost for aged yields in bulk purchase are as follows:

  • $1.5 for 30-85 days aged leads ranging from 1-249
    • $1.2 for leads ranging from 250-999
    • $0.4 for more than 25000 leads
  • $0.40 per mortgage leads aging from 86-365 days and ranging anywhere from 1-999
    • $0.20 when purchasing more than 25000 leads
  • $0.25/ mortgage leads aging from 366-2000 days and ranging anywhere from 1-999
    • $0.08/mortgage leads for purchasing more than 25000 leads

How to Sell to Mortgage Refinance Leads?

You need to develop a proper system to sell to your mortgage leads. First, you need to have a schedule for calling people several times in a while. It’s ideal to have a CRM system that auto-dials your call and reduces the chances of error of wrong numbers. Besides, you need to have a compelling sales pitch in place to convince your leads.

These leads are people who have requested to get information on a refinance loan. Therefore, they are interested customers. While they are aged, it may be possible that they weren’t qualified previously, but now they have a refinance qualification. Moreover, it may be a case when these people might require information, but still, they can’t find the right person.

These prospects have likely been already contacted, but it’s also possible that they might not have found the best salesperson yet who can guide them and give them the relevant quotes. You can be that salesperson to help these prospects get what’s on their mind.

If you want to kickstart your business and make some real money, you’ll have to purchase some leads. What are you waiting for?

Contact and find out the best refinance leads offers.

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