How to Generate Commercial Loan Leads

If you are a mortgage broker, loan provider, or commercial lender of any type, the potential to produce commercial mortgage leads on time makes your path to success. The process of generating commercial real estate leads of any type can be a time-demanding task. In addition, connecting with the potential leads within the time constraint in need of financing, loan leads are incredibly strenuous to collect. We will go through the six best ways to produce commercial mortgage leads – including how to perform in a matter of seconds.

Six Best Ways to Collect Commercial Loan Leads:

  1. Find Refinance Leads with Mortgage Loan
  2. Go through from Public Mortgage Records
  3. Social Media Marketing
  4. Content Marketing
  5. Purchase Mortgage Leads
  6. Pay attention to the County Clerk/Recorder

How to Change Successfully Commercial Loan Leads to Clients

  1. Email Marketing
  2. Marketing through postal mail

Commercial Loan Leads

For effective mortgage lead generation, it is essential to build an understanding with your audience.

So, how many types of loan leads are available in commercial real estate?

There are two types of loan leads:

  • New Mortgage Leads
  • Mortgage Refinance Leads

Types of Commercial Loan Leads

From a broader perspective, the breakdown is simple: owners seeking new financing and owners seeking refinancing.

New Mortgage Leads

On the one hand, some individuals seek to purchase a commercial property, therefore seeking new property financing (or in the upcoming days). Those searching for a new mortgage are considering for their purpose, as a small business loan or for investment purposes.

Mortgage Refinance Leads

Refinance leads will be owners seeking to change the current debt they have on a commercial property. These owners could also seek to purchase a new property, invest in a small business to expand their incomes, or an investor looking to grow their portfolio. Whatever the case may be, the property debt research tool makes the process effortless. This tool makes the process easier to bring high-value leads in less time, making the deal-making process effective.

Earlier, companies that offer to finance to commercial owners would generally generate leads through references, marketing, or by seeking mortgage records that reach potential new business.

Enthusiastically going through leads from the start, however, was almost not possible.

Debt and mortgage data are easier to access, and so you can go through and search mortgage leads in your market in less time.

Let us see how this is possible                 

Search Refinance Leads with Mortgage Loan

The Mortgage Loan gives the best mortgage data, property owner details, and owner contact information to mortgage brokers and leads Originators.

Recognition of Refinance leads can do by analyzing sales history, loan history, surrounding and comparable properties, asset class, CMBS data, property location, building, and lot sizes.

Search Leads by Mortgage Origination and Maturity Dates: Timing is an essential factor for commercial mortgage leads.

With Mortgage Loan, you can seek properties that have mortgage origination or maturity dates within time constraints (as you can check which owner’s requirements meet with yours).

You can also sort out the lender’s name by searching terms like CMBS loan details, the dollar amounts attached to mortgages and sales, and the pre-foreclosure stage.

Find Leads by Lender: It contains the mortgage history of previous and current lenders of a property.

You can search commercial properties that possess mortgages with a specific lender, type a name into the search bar of “Most Recent Lender,” and click “Apply.” 

Search Leads by Mortgage Amount: If you search mortgages of a specific range, you can search leads on the parameter of their previous mortgage amounts.

To do this type of search, you can enter a range of specific numbers to the “Most Recent Mortgage Amount” within the Debt tab of Mortgage Loan’s search platform.

Identify CMBS Loan Information: You have access to see specific CMBS loan information on

Property Lien Search: Another way to get sure about potential leads online is by searching for properties that have a lien on them.

By getting detailed ownership information from Mortgage Loan and using it to do queries with the county clerk’s office, you can search out whether a commercial property has a lien or not.

Search Properties in a Specific Location: You can search commercial mortgage leads within a specific area or region, like leads from a particular city, county, neighborhood, or street.

Search Mortgage Leads by Property Type: Another more comprehensive way to generate mortgage leads by property types.

You are a mortgage broker specializing in multifamily financing. For instance, you can sort out multifamily properties and then go through with the mortgage history of individual properties (as mentioned above).

By changing your search filters to targeted asset types and loan specifics, you can search worthy leads effectively.

Search Public Mortgage Records

Searching for Public Mortgage Records is a challenging approach compared to property sales records; another method to explore prospects is to access mortgage history via online public records.

The most accurate example of this is ACRIS, New York City’s public property records database.

On the ACRIS website, you can select “Search Property Records,” then choose to search by document type, for which you can go to “mortgage” or any other debt-related document types.

Loan Leads

While ACRIS is the most suitable example of public mortgage records, some minor, local sites nationwide allow you to find through public mortgage records on commercial properties.

To produce leads from these sources, you can find properties within particular regions and see if they possess recent sales and mortgage documents available.

If yes, you can see either of these properties has a mortgage that will meet your requirements in the future.

Social Media Marketing

Notable Resources:

  1. Facebook Paid Ads
  2. LinkedIn Paid Ads

For long-lasting online lead generation, stay active on the website and social media channel is essential.

Social Media ads prove as an effective way to build a substantial market for your services.

By entering specific details regarding your service like a targeted audience, ad timing, and owner data, social media ads can prove an excellent source of mortgage lead generation.

Facebook gives access to advertisers to search their audience based on filters of targeting, including demographic, region-based, internet-based, and behavioral targeting.

Moreover, various ad types are available on Facebook, making it a user-friendly tool that can help you target potential, relevant leads.

LinkedIn is also an excellent social platform for commercial debt professionals. Hubspot reports LinkedIn has 277% potential to generate leads as compared to Twitter and Facebook.

Loan Leads

LinkedIn is an excellent way to engage with industrial networks while creating new ones through paid advertising.

By staying engaged and connected with others in your markets, you can make lasting brand awareness while making your referral network.

Moreover, with LinkedIn’s self-service paid advertising, you can reach out to users by their job title, industry, and many other factors. You can form a combination of search filters like search with a specific industry, role, and market-specific data to get the targeted audience only.

Social Media Platforms are also platforms to share your website content (more on that below).

Content Marketing

Notable Resources:

  1. Hubspot Marketing Hub
  2. Google Analytics

One of the long-lasting, practical lead generation tools is its very own website. Your content will attract potential leads that resulted in the generation of leads.

Day by day, content marketing is becoming an essential channel for commercial real estate professionals. When hit accurately, it can serve as an excellent source of already engaged mortgage leads.

Content that organically attracts a high traffic volume to your site can generate a high volume of leads.

Moreover, by rotating your content across your social media pages, you can further your online persona, increasing brand marketing and widening your lead generation area.

SEO web content always works in generating leads, as well.

Your content should sound clear to the readers

Building a content strategy for generating leads consists of two parts. The first part is to ensure that your content is precise and informative. Instead of just selling your services, make sure to add details that the audience wants to get.

Build your expertise in your industry.

Your content should be full of information and easy to read.

The only way to know what content will attract the audience is to see your previous posted material continuously analyze relevant data trends using tools like Hubspot and Google Analytics.

Purchase Mortgage Leads

You can also purchase leads from other brokerage firms and lenders. Trigger leads are what they’re called.

It functions as “leads on-demand” for brokers and originators, allowing you to have led at all times.

The problem with buying real estate leads is that they are frequently pricey and lack the level of targeting that brokers and originators have access to elsewhere.

Brokers and originators can now locate and target hyper-specific leads based on many layers of qualifying attributes as data becomes more freely available.

Lenders who sell leads will frequently segment based on refinancing needs, but they won’t be able to segment based on the specific needs of individual brokers and originators.

Despite the more significant expenditures, conversion rates may be significantly lower.

The need for originators and brokers to buy real estate leads is dwindling as more data becomes available across the sector.

Pay a visit to the County Clerk/Recorder.

If you’re seeking mortgage leads offline, the county recorder or assessor’s office is where you’ll get the most up-to-date, trustworthy information.

Despite the time commitment, acquiring information in person can be valuable for filling data gaps and double-checking other data sources when combined with internet tools.

How to Turn Mortgage Leads Into Sales

Finding commercial leads is one thing, but converting them into clients needs you to go above and beyond in your marketing efforts.

Converting leads to clients is simply an extension of your lead generation efforts, and it’s at this point that you can start to establish a meaningful rapport with them.

Email marketing and direct mailers are two excellent strategies to nurture and convert leads.

Email Marketing

Notable Resources

  • Hubspot Email Tracking
  • Active Campaign Email Marketing

Developing an effective email marketing plan can also help you get highly engaged mortgage leads.

You can locate owner contact information, such as phone numbers, mailing addresses, and email addresses, by searching through Reonomy (as indicated above).

Loan Leads

You can use information acquired on Reonomy about those owners, their portfolio, their mortgage history, and the market they’re in to send cold emails to them.

Commercial real estate cold calls might use the same logic but would deliver information in a somewhat different, more vocal way.

Marketing Postcards

Notable Resources

  • MyCreativeShop

For debt professionals, commercial real estate postcards serve as actual marketing collateral. You can personalize postcards to meet the unique demands of individual property owners, just like your social media, content, and email marketing initiatives.

Your marketing postcards could generate more commercial mortgage leads than some of your online marketing efforts if you combine templates from sites like or MyCreativeShop with in-depth property, owner, and market data from Reonomy.

With the proper data from Reonomy, no matter where your mortgage lead generation efforts are taking place, they can all be given at the exact right moment, to the same right person, in the exact right location.

Timing is everything in the world of commercial debt management.

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