Tricks to Effective Mortgage Life Insurance Leads

Agents who sell mortgage life insurance might find it difficult to get customers. Although many homeowners realize the importance of buying a mortgage protection insurance policy, some still think it’s not important. 

They assume that it is a waste of money because they think that they will never have any need for it. But just like any other insurance, customers buy these for protection because of unforeseen events in the future. 

It might seem difficult to convince a lead at first but below are some steps you can try. 

3 Methods to Sell Mortgage Life Insurance Leads

Reach Our Target Audience

The first step to a successful sale is to identify the right customer for your business. Many people that consider this coverage already have a mortgage plan. Remember that the mortgage life insurance policy helps pay a loan in case the policyholder passes away. 

Therefore finding clients that have mortgages and need mortgage life insurance is not easy.

You can’t try called cold calling and direct emails. But it is great to purchase leads online. Buying mortgage leads allows you to select candidates that will need your services. is a trusted site that allows you to filter your leads to suit your needs. 

Pre-qualified Leads

Finding pre-qualified leads from a trusted lead provider on the Internet saves you a lot of time and money. When you purchase pre-qualified leads, you are sure that customers need what services you are offering. 

With pre-qualified leads, you get to use a bunch of filters. You can’t find customize week health conditions and even those that might not be interested in traditional life insurance. Some of them might be interested in mortgage life insurance because the qualification process is lenient. 

If you use only cold calls and direct emails, you might miss out on a lot of opportunities. Many customers that might be interested in this type of coverage need to be targeted, by purchasing leads. Buying leaves online we help you spend time with prospects that are interested in what you have to sell.

Sales Process 

Generating mortgage leads is great, but closing a sales process is what makes for excellent agents in the business. Talking to a customer that is interested in your service is good but they might not buy your service so it is your duty to convince them during the sales process.

With pre-qualified leads, this prospect is interested in learning what’s most gauge life insurance can do for them. Stopped by explaining the benefits of mortgage protection life insurance, highlight the difference between this life insurance and traditional life insurance which are whole and term life. 

A common objection you might face is customers who think that they don’t need mortgage life insurance when they already bought a life insurance policy. Approach this honesty and try to relate with the prospects.

Where am I that down every sales process that you close you learn more about the business and your customers? With this experience, you’ll be able to create a strategy that works specifically for your business.

Selling a mortgage life insurance policy can seem difficult for most agents because the customer base is usually very small. Also, most agents end up educating their customers about the policy. 

Feel free to tell your customers that it is good to buy a traditional life insurance policy and mortgage life insurance together. It is best to buy pre-qualified insurance leads from a trusted lead provider like This makes your sales process very easy. 

About the Author: Liza Schubert

As the Director of Pay Per Call Marketing, Liza is responsible for strategy and executing marketing partnerships for Astoria and promoting call campaigns and initiatives. Liza prospects and secures Pay Per Call relationships that align and further promotes Astorias offers for their clients and affiliates. In addition, she is fluent in campaign set up integrations on Invoca, Ringba, Retreaver and Trackdrive. Liza has a bachelors degree from American University in Washington DC, in Public Communications, focusing her skill set in writing, public relations, proofreading and research.