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Prospective buyers seeking more information about refinancing loans frequently produce mortgage refinance leads online using companies such as Lending Tree, TransUnion, Experian, and NetQuote. Lead generation websites often require approximately 48 hours to sell fresh leads to purchasers after they arrive. If the leads have not sold after 48 hours, they are no longer “fresh” and have been “aged,” which means they will most likely be sold at a significant discount to their original value. Well, if you are looking to buy mortgage refinance leads, then there are a few things that you must consider. 

Why You Should Buy Mortgage Refinance Leads?

While low mortgage interest rates may tempt some homeowners to rearrange their finances, the decision to refinance your mortgage should be based on your unique financial situation. The mortgage rates should not be the decisive factor in whether you refinance or not. 

Buying cheap leads in bulk is the simplest and most cost-effective strategy to start producing revenue for your company.

Many businesses still generate leads the old-fashioned way, including cold calling, door-to-door sales, and direct mail marketing but these methods are costly and time-consuming. Furthermore, traditional marketing methods are ineffective in reaching younger shoppers who are more tech-savvy and willing to conduct business online.

It is preferable to purchase certified leads that lead generation providers have previously collected. More leads at a lower cost equal a higher return on investment. Why wait a month for a direct mail campaign to collect leads when you can download aged leads that have already been generated?

Aged refinance leads are also ideal for giving to a rookie sales professional who is unsure about closing on the more expensive, fresh leads. There are some other factors that you should know before divulging into buying mortgage refinance leads.

Determine who your ideal customer is.

Before you acquire refinance mortgage leads, you need to figure out your target consumer. Are you looking to refinance, buy a business, or do both? Or do you prefer to work with first-time homebuyers who need VA loans or FHA loans? Set particular lead-generating goals once you’ve determined your target consumer.

1. Prioritize quality over quantity.

Money can’t buy everything, and we’re talking about excellent leads here. When looking to acquire mortgage leads, make sure to look into where the organization gets its leads. Companies frequently recycle leads, which means they resell the same lead several times. This will almost certainly result in a stale lead and a low closing ratio. 

Ensure that the leads you receive are of high quality, contain the complete and correct information, and were created by a real individual looking for a mortgage

2. Real-time leads or Aged-leads. Which one to choose?

Real-time may appear more appealing than aged leads to those new to the lead buying game because there is a possibility of acquiring customers at the start of their home buying journey. However, there are two sides to every coin, and there are advantages and disadvantages to pursuing real-time leads. 

Real-time leads who are just getting started with home financing are sometimes inundated by lenders eager to take advantage of them. Also, many consumers at this stage in the lending process aren’t ready to commit, so you’ll need to build a relationship with them over time.

3. Format for Leads

Make a plan for your generated leads now that you’re closer to deciding on buying mortgage leads. Building your marketing funnel and using the power of marketing automation is critical at this stage, especially if you want to buy leads in bulk.


When making a choice, one has to take the opinion of an experienced person in your field of demand. Here, we suggest you contact mortgage leads for your countless worries and get an instant solution for buying mortgages to refinance leads.

About the Author: Scott Thompson

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